Adobe has recently announced the addition of new artificial-intelligence features to its Acrobat software, designed for reading and managing documents.

AI Assistant for Acrobat

The latest offering from Adobe, AI Assistant for Acrobat, enables users to perform natural-language queries on documents stored in the widely-used PDF format. This innovative tool goes beyond PDFs by being able to search documents in various other formats, converting them into PDFs for easy access.

In essence, the new tool serves as a conversational search tool, simplifying the process of locating and summarizing crucial information within complex documents. In a demonstration, Adobe showcased how users can effortlessly query and extract data from an annual report.

For instance, by inquiring about annual growth rates based on data within an annual report, AI Assistant for Acrobat can generate a table with calculated values derived from the information in the document. Moreover, it provides links to the original data sources within the document. The generated responses, whether textual or in tabular form, are easily transferable to email, presentations, or any other document type.

Enhancing document management with the power of artificial intelligence, Adobe continues to innovate and simplify workflows for users of its Acrobat software.

Adobe Introduces AI Assistant for Enhanced Document Processing

Ely Greenfield, the chief technology officer of Adobe's Digital Media business, recently revealed in an interview the groundbreaking capabilities of the AI Assistant tool. Initially designed to analyze content within a single document, this innovative tool will soon expand its reach to search for information across multiple documents, revolutionizing document processing.

Cloud-Based Functionality with Microsoft Azure

The AI Assistant is currently cloud-based, utilizing Microsoft Azure's OpenAI services to power its operations. While it is currently limited to evaluating information within the designated document, future updates may unlock the potential to incorporate information from the wider internet.

Features and Capabilities

According to Greenfield, AI Assistant boasts the ability to instantly generate summaries and insights from lengthy documents, provide answers to queries, and format information for seamless sharing through emails, reports, and presentations. With the vast number of digital documents constantly circulating, AI Assistant within Acrobat aims to democratize generative AI technologies, significantly enhancing how individuals interact with documents and boosting personal and professional productivity levels.

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