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TechBerry is a top platform that opens new opportunities for social trading enthusiasts. It appeared about eight years ago and turned into a leader in its direction after a short period of time. Such success was made possible thanks to a competent approach to business and the ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions. TechBerry was one of the first platforms to incorporate AI into its work. It radically changed the situation, making it possible to create automated Forex trading effectively. With the help of AI, it is possible to choose a priority direction for investment, calculate potential risks in advance and enter only into the most profitable transactions.

Automating the trading process with a guaranteed high-profit percentage has made TechBerry one of the most popular platforms. On average, each client can count on 11.2% of their monthly income. This figure is not a limit; therefore, in some instances, it can grow many times over. To achieve such great results, TechBerry uses unique neural algorithms. They help analyze the trading activity of more than 100,000 professional traders and choose the most popular investment option. Most often, this approach to work gives good results and leads to a sharp increase in user accounts.

Nuances of platform operation

To start using the capabilities of the TechBerry platform, you need to create a personal account. This is done as simply as possible so anyone can do this work. It is easier to choose a membership plan. Immediately after that, you can start automatic trading. It does not require the intervention of a trader in the process so it can function independently without breaks and days off.

TechBerry offers customers several unique options that are rarely found in competitors. The most useful of these is trading loss reimbursement. It becomes a trader's insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances due to which a certain amount is lost. Users can recover up to 100% of losses in most status tariffs not found on any other trading platform.

If traders are used to using MT4 and MT5 in their work, then TechBerry allows them to continue this business. To do this, install special software on the device and perform simple settings. After that, the AI will analyze the trader's trading data and develop a strategy suitable for his work style.

Safety of work with TechBerry

Many experts call TechBerry the most authoritative Forex platform. It has a good reputation and openly conducts its activities. This captivates users, who are quickly convinced of the safety and reliability of the platform, and begin an active phase of cooperation with it. TechBerry uses only legal practices. Its activities are controlled by several reputable regulators, which are trusted worldwide. In addition, TechBerry has partnerships with many brokerage companies, most of which represent the top of various ratings.

Using the trading platform, clients never experience security issues. TechBerry stores the data of each user on particular servers, which are almost impossible for fraudsters to access. The company also uses modern methods to protect clients' trading accounts, eliminating the loss of invested money.

How effective is TechBerry?

TechBerry is always ahead of the competition. It is the first to introduce novelties like artificial intelligence into the platform. It can work effectively without breaks and days off, allowing him to constantly monitor the situation on the market and not miss a single chance to earn. In addition, he does not make spontaneous or emotional decisions, significantly reducing the percentage of failed transactions. The high quality of data analysis further increases the efficiency of the platform. This makes it possible to catch any changes and quickly adapt to them.

Available rates

To use the services of TechBerry, you need to choose one of the proposed tariffs. Among them, seven are paid, and one is free. The latter is called "Trial" and is excellent for understanding the platform's functioning. It can also be used to test the effectiveness of automated trading. The "Trial" is valid for 14 days from the activation date.

Traders who immediately choose paid rates have much more choice. Among the membership plans available, there are options for beginners, professionals, and clients who want to invest in trading a different amount of money. An essential advantage of all tariffs is their low cost. It is only $9-499 per year. Depending on the price of the tax, the number of available options changes, and the values of some indicators decrease / increase.

The owners of the cheapest membership plan will have to top up their account with $1,000 and the most prestigious ones with $500,000. Such a big difference between the minimum deposits of extreme tariffs makes the platform equally popular among traders with different ambitions and financial capabilities. Starting with the "Silver" tariff, traders are given access to online trading monitoring, and owners of membership plans "Gold" and above are provided with a personal manager.

Main advantages and disadvantages

The presence of a large number of advantages is always proof of the success of any company. TechBerry is no exception to this rule, so hundreds of traders express their desire to use its platform daily.

Pros Cons
high status of the platform integration only with MT4 and MT5
the vast geography of clients availability of special requirements for potential clients
reliable partners
known regulators
a decent percentage of profit


Today, anyone can succeed in trading. To do this, it is enough to start cooperation with TechBerry. This simple and efficient platform has taken automated trading to a new level, unattainable by competitors. Thanks to the introduction of modern technologies, TechBerry achieved a significant profit increase compared to manual work. It is liked by beginners and experienced traders who make the platform their permanent Forex partner.

Easy to use and intuitive interface
Real-time market data and analysis
Automated trading strategies
Comprehensive technical indicators and charting tools
Risk management features

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