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Not everyone knows whether Botsfolio is legit or not. To find the answer to this question, you need to study the robot itself and its owner. The last one is KribX Incorporated, which could have a better reputation. It was registered in the US in 2021, but more details could not be found. Developer stealth is not limited to location. It also hides the team members, office address, and some contact details. All this raises certain suspicions, but a broad client base quickly refutes them.

Botsfolio is a fully automated product that can operate independently with minimal human intervention. It is suitable for trading cryptocurrencies that allow you to increase capital quickly. Botsfolio owns a rather primitive site containing only essential information and a few feature articles. Its interface is implemented in English and Chinese. Botsfolio performance is lower than many other robots. However, it is accurate, not invented by the developers. According to statistics, the weekly increase in income is about 10% of the investment amount.

Botsfolio offers four pricing plans. Their value depends solely on the portfolio value and varies within relatively small limits. So, with an indicator of $1000-$3000, the price will be $5 for every 30 days, up to $10,000 - $10, up to $50,000 - $15, up to $100,000 - $20. The costs of the trader continue. All tariffs have a performance fee, the amount of which is 15% of the earnings received.

Features of use

Botsfolio review is an excellent way to convey important information about the robot to traders. This is the procedure for preparing and operating the bot. It consists of 6 stages, none of which can be skipped.


  1. Go to the company's website and click on the "Register" button. You will see a new page with a short registration form.
  2. Fill in all empty fields and confirm registration. This work takes a couple of minutes, and even an inexperienced PC user can easily handle it.
  3. After that, choose the appropriate tariff from the four available options and pay the stipulated amount.
  4. Download and install the robot, then connect it to your platform. You will need an account, without which you will have to go through another registration.
  5. Set the necessary settings yourself or choose one of the standard options.
  6. Start the robot and periodically monitor its work. Also, remember to withdraw profits from the account regularly.

To fully use Botsfolio, additional knowledge is required. You can get them by studying the key features of the functioning of the bot. This information will be helpful to everyone, regardless of skill level.

Important features:

Security Botsfolio is considered to be a reasonably safe robot. It does not ask for a large amount of your data and does not require access to finances. In addition, an essential factor that increases security is the use of API keys. They provide a secure connection between the robot and your trading account without the risk of losing personal data or money.
Deposit The trader's account must have a certain amount for the robot to participate in all profitable transactions. In the case of Botsfolio, it is $1000. Ideally, this number should be increased by 2-3 times, but only some can afford such a luxury. If there is less than the specified minimum on the account, the robot will skip some transactions, some of which may be the most profitable.
Support service According to most user reviews, this service works quite quickly. It performs its tasks well, enabling traders to receive answers to their requests quickly. The best way to communicate is to use Telegram. In a specially created group, the user will be answered promptly by representatives of the company or more knowledgeable traders. An alternative method of communication is email.
Information Dozens of informative articles are available on the Botsfolio developer site. They help in learning not only the robot but also the general principles of its use. Other issues related to the topic of Forex are also touched upon. In addition, Botsfolio provides customers with answers to popular questions. They are located in the traditional FAQ section, which is found on almost any site.
Versatility The developers claim that their robot will be helpful to users with different experiences. This is partly true since many experienced traders do not disdain such a trading tool. However, in most cases, it is used by beginners who want to multiply the amount on the account in a short period.
Commission Robot services are relatively inexpensive. However, this intelligent marketing ploy is designed to attract the maximum number of customers. In reality, 15% of the amount earned is withdrawn from the trader every three months. This is quite a lot, even compared to many expensive bots.
Exchanges Supported
Customer Support


Botsfolio is a classic trading tool that some traders love and is banned by others. This common situation consists of a large number of positive qualities and the presence of significant shortcomings.

Pros Cons
Good performance The bad reputation of the developer
Complete automation of trade Additional commissions
Simple interface Minimum information about the bot
Many available tariffs
Adequate prices
Ease of use
Good feedback about the work of the bot
High level of security

Numerous Botsfolio reviews give a complete picture of the robot. It stands out for its efficiency and ease of use. By learning how to implement it in the trading process correctly, you can eliminate unwanted errors and achieve incredible results in a short time.

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