Bitcoin BTCUSD, +6.88% Showcases Impressive Rally

Bitcoin BTCUSD, +6.88% is currently experiencing an impressive rally, surging past $64,000 briefly on Wednesday, reaching levels not seen since its record peak in November 2021.

Price Surge

The leading cryptocurrency is showing significant growth, with an increase of over 5% to $61,385. At one point during the session, it peaked at $64,037. Bitcoin is now approximately 11% below its previous record of $68,990 set 27 months ago.

Unique Characteristics of the Current Bull Run

Ian Rogers, the Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, a crypto wallet company, highlights that the current bull run is distinct from the one observed in 2021.

Institutional Influence

Rogers notes that financial institutions are playing a key role in driving this rally. Bitcoin exchange-traded funds have been attracting fresh capital from asset managers and retirement platforms into the crypto space.

Shift in Market Dynamics

In contrast to 2021, when there was a surge in retail interest in the U.S., the current cycle seems to be more influenced by institutional investors. Rogers emphasizes that this shift is notable based on observations at Ledger, which primarily caters to retail investors.

Even Google searches related to bitcoin are notably lower compared to 2021, as per data from Google Trends.

The Current State of Bitcoin: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

"When bitcoin was approaching its record high in 2021, everybody was talking about it. But now not that many people are talking about it," remarked Rogers.

The Potential Impact of Retail Investors

According to Rogers, once more retail investors participate, it could drive bitcoin’s price even higher.

Changes in Leverage and Market Dynamics

In 2021, when bitcoin reached its record high, there was "tons of leverage" being used. Now, as the market has evolved, bitcoin is approaching its record high with less leverage. This shift is seen as a bullish sign for the cryptocurrency.

Record Volume for Bitcoin ETFs

Spot bitcoin ETFs excluding Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBTC are on pace to reach a new high of daily trading volume on Wednesday. The total volume of the nine bitcoin ETFs traded hit 115 million shares, surpassing the previous record volume of 70 million shares on Jan. 11.

Crypto Snapshot: Recent Performance

Bitcoin has gained 17% over the past seven days, while ether has gained 14% during the same period, based on CoinDesk data.

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