European stocks experienced a significant increase on Thursday, with the Stoxx Europe 600 index finishing up by 0.82% to 495.10.

Top Gainers

1. Indivior PLC (INDV) - +22.42%

Health care/life sciences company Indivior PLC saw the largest increase on Thursday, with shares skyrocketing by 22.4%.

2. Gerresheimer AG (GXI) - +13.44%

Shares of industrial goods firm Gerresheimer AG gained 13.4%.

3. Sopra Steria Group S.A. (SOP) - +9.74%

Business/consumer services company Sopra Steria Group S.A. saw an increase of 9.7%.

4. Beazley PLC (BEZ) - +8.93%

Insurance company Beazley PLC experienced an 8.9% increase in their stock.

5. Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC (RR) - +8.29%

Aerospace/defense firm Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC rounded out the top five with an 8.3% increase.

Top Losers

1. Hargreaves Lansdown PLC (HL) - -7.23%

Investing/securities company Hargreaves Lansdown PLC witnessed the largest decrease, with shares weakening by 7.2%.

2. ISS A/S (ISS) - -6.91%

Business services firm ISS A/S saw a decline of 6.9% in their stock.

3. WPP PLC (WPP) - -6.38%

WPP PLC, another business services firm, experienced a decrease of 6.4%.

4. Nestle S.A. (NESN) - -4.92%

Food giant Nestle S.A. saw a decline of 4.9% in their stock.

5. Safestore Holdings PLC (SAFE) - -3.70%

Real estate firm Safestore Holdings PLC rounded out the top five losers with a 3.7% decline.

Market Movement

The pound was up by 0.08% against the dollar, while the euro saw a slight decrease of 0.02%. Brent crude added 0.61% to $83.54.

Yield Movement

The yield on the 10-year gilt increased by 0.35 basis points to 4.114%, while the yield on the German 10-year bund declined by 0.820 basis points to 2.44%.

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