Shares of Inpixon Soar in Response to Merger Announcement

In a groundbreaking move, Inpixon, a leading provider of real-time location systems technology, has agreed to merge with XTI Aircraft, an innovative aviation company specializing in the development of the TriFan 600. This advanced aircraft offers a unique combination of fixed-wing capabilities and vertical takeoff and landing functionality.

Impressive Market Response

Following this exciting announcement, Inpixon's shares experienced a significant surge, doubling in value to reach 37 cents. This remarkable achievement highlights the widespread anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding the merger.

Inpixon Shares in Context

While celebrating this remarkable accomplishment, it is worth noting that Inpixon shares hit a 52-week low of 11 cents on June 23. Despite this recent downturn, the shares remain 95% below their value from the past year.

Valuation of XTI Aircraft

An independent financial advisory firm has estimated XTI Aircraft's enterprise value to be between $252 million and $343 million. This valuation underscores the immense potential that the TriFan 600 holds for future success.

Aiming for Aviation Advancement

The merged company aims to become a prominent player in the aviation industry. Its primary focus will be on advancing the development of the TriFan 600 while continuing to provide Inpixon's highly sought-after real-time location systems technology. By doing so, the company aims to revolutionize operations in factories and warehouses, streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and bolstering safety measures.

Demand for TriFan 600 Soars

The TriFan 600 has already attracted more than 700 conditional pre-orders through various purchase agreements and reservation deposit agreements. These pre-orders represent an incredible potential revenue of up to $7.1 billion. With each aircraft priced at $10 million, the TriFan 600 has already garnered significant interest from potential buyers.

Share Distribution

Following the successful completion of the merger, XTI shareholders will own 60% of the combined company. Inpixon shareholders, on the other hand, will retain 40% of the outstanding shares of the newly formed entity.

Transition and Rebranding

Upon finalization of the merger, the combined company will transition to operate under the name XTI Aerospace. Additionally, it will be publicly traded on the Nasdaq Capital market under the symbol XTIA, symbolizing its commitment to disrupting the aviation industry.

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