Nike's recent announcement of a lowered full-year sales outlook and a three-year plan to cut up to $2 billion in costs has had a significant impact on the market. This news has led to a decline in the shares of both Foot Locker and Dick's Sporting Goods, two major wholesale customers of Nike.

Negative Impact on Nike Shares

In response to the news, Nike shares experienced a significant drop of almost 12% in premarket trading, falling to $108.40. This decline in share price reflects the market's reaction to the company's revised forecast.

Foot Locker Faces a Steep Decline

The repercussions of Nike's announcement were also felt by Foot Locker. The retailer witnessed a substantial decrease of over 7% in stock value during the premarket session on Friday. Notably, Foot Locker shares were already down by more than 14% this year leading up to Thursday's market close.

Dick's Sporting Goods Also Suffers

Dick's Sporting Goods, which had seen a 22% increase in shares this year, experienced a decline of over 4% to $140.50 in premarket trading. This highlights how the news concerning Nike is having a ripple effect on the broader sporting goods sector.

Soft Demand and Increased Competition

According to Nike's Chief Financial Officer, Matt Friend, the company is facing challenges due to soft demand outside of key shopping periods like back-to-school and Black Friday. Additionally, increased competition has resulted in more promotional pricing, placing pressure on the entire sector.

While these developments pose challenges for Nike and its retail partners, it remains to be seen how the company will navigate through these obstacles in the coming years.

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