In a surprising move, Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary announced on Monday that his company would purchase Boeing's 737 MAX 10 aircraft if any U.S. airlines refuse delivery. O'Leary spoke highly of the MAX 10 during the company's earnings presentation, referring to it as "transformational". However, Ryanair's Chief Financial Officer, Neil Sorahan, emphasized that the purchase would only happen at the right price.

This commitment from Ryanair comes at a time when other airlines are expressing concerns about the MAX family of jets. United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby recently shared that they have removed the MAX 10 from their internal plans, as it has become apparent that Boeing will not meet its contractual deliveries for many of those planes. Although United has not cancelled their order for 277 MAX 10 aircraft, the grounding of the MAX 9 was a contributing factor to their decision.

Similarly, Southwest Airlines has removed the MAX 7 from its 2024 fleet plan, as it remains uncertified. Alaska Air is also taking a closer look at the situation with Boeing. The future of Boeing's MAX series remains uncertain, and its influence on the company's earnings will be revealed in the upcoming financial report.

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