August, traditionally a weak month for stocks, has proven to be particularly challenging for several well-known companies. Nike (NKE), Goldman Sachs (GS), and Charles Schwab (SCHW), among others, have all experienced significant declines in their stock prices recently, leaving investors longing for a worry-free summer vacation.

Nike's Losing Streak Continues

Nike's losing streak reached an unprecedented nine days on Tuesday, marking its longest downward trend on record, as confirmed by Dow Jones Market Data. During this period, the stock has plummeted by 7.5%. The situation has been exacerbated by increasing indications of an economic slowdown in China, which happens to be Nike's second-largest market.

To make matters worse, premarket trading on Wednesday revealed that Nike's stock was expected to drop by an additional 3.6%. This decline was triggered by Foot Locker's failure to meet sales expectations in the second quarter and its subsequent decision to revise its outlook. Foot Locker is one of Nike's trusted wholesale partners.

Charles Schwab Shares Experience Historic Decline

Charles Schwab, a renowned financial services company, has witnessed its shares fall for 11 consecutive days - the longest losing streak it has had since July 2004 when it endured 16 consecutive trading days of decline. Over this particular stretch, the stock has dropped by 14.4%.

Adding fuel to the fire, Charles Schwab's shares took a sharp 5% hit on Tuesday following the company's announcement of upcoming cost-cutting measures. These measures include staff reductions and downsizing office space.


As August progresses, these struggling stocks show no signs of recovering from their downward spirals. Investors in Nike, Goldman Sachs, and Charles Schwab are left to ponder their next moves amidst a volatile market and uncertain economic conditions.

Challenging Times for America's Largest Banks

Goldman Sachs and Citigroup Stocks Decline

The largest banks in America, including Goldman Sachs and Citigroup (C), have experienced a significant decline in their stock prices over the past seven consecutive days. This downward trend has been a cause for concern within the banking industry. Another prominent bank, Bank of America, has also seen a decline in its stock price for six of the last seven days.

Southwest Airlines Faces Tough Times in August

Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines (LUV) is currently going through a challenging period in August. The company's shares have been on a downward trajectory for the past eight days, marking its longest losing streak since February 2020 when it fell for 10 consecutive sessions. Throughout this streak, Southwest Airlines' stock price has dropped by 6.9%.

Disappointing Earnings Raise Concerns

Southwest Airlines' recent earnings report has left investors disappointed and raises questions about the future demand for air travel within the domestic market. The company stated that it expects a decline in revenue per available seat mile during the third quarter. Essentially, this suggests that Southwest Airlines will generate less income from each passenger, indicating a decrease in both demand and fares.

Pilot Pay Deal Creates Uncertainty

American Airlines recently agreed on a generous new pilot pay deal, leading to a 46% increase over the span of four years according to its pilots' union. This agreement with the pilots has become a concern for investors, as Southwest Airlines remains the only major carrier that has yet to secure a deal with its pilots. The absence of such an agreement adds further uncertainty to the already challenging situation.

Seeking Positive Developments

Investors are eagerly waiting for some positive news or at least an absence of negative developments to break the streaks of declining stock prices and bring about a more optimistic outlook for these troubled industries.

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