Apogee Therapeutics (APGE)

Venrock has reported a new position in the biotech company, acquiring 3,887,478 shares. This includes 1,750,000 shares purchased through Apogee Therapeutics' July 13 initial public offering at $17 per share. Venrock now holds a 9.99% interest in Apogee.

Turnstone Biologics (TSBX)

Versant Venture Capital has disclosed a new position in the clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, acquiring 2,899,216 shares. This figure includes 225,000 shares purchased through Turnstone Biologics' IPO at a price of $12 per share.

Following the closing of the IPO on July 25, Versant Venture now holds 12.5% of Turnstone Biologics' tradable stock. Turnstone Biologics is focused on developing innovative treatments and cures for solid tumors. The company's president and CEO, Sammy Farah, previously worked at Versant Venture, specializing in biotechnology investments and the establishment of new companies.

Decreases in Holdings

Vera Therapeutics (VERA)

Carlyle Group Reduces Stake in Vera Therapeutics

Carlyle Group (CG) has decreased its position in the pharmaceutical company Vera Therapeutics. Carlyle sold 544,073 shares of Vera Therapeutics between July 11 and July 31 at prices ranging from $16.97 to $18.84 per share. As a result, Carlyle now holds a 4.2% interest in Vera Therapeutics, falling below the 5% threshold that requires disclosure of further stock sales.

Fairholme Capital Management Lowers Holding in St. Joe

Fairholme Capital Management has reduced its holding in the real estate development company St. Joe to 23,349,948 shares. From June 2 to August 1, Fairholme sold 787,200 shares of St. Joe at prices ranging from $46.01 to $64.95 per share. Despite the reduction, Fairholme Capital remains the largest shareholder of St. Joe with a 40% stake. St. Joe's stock has experienced a growth of approximately 57% year to date.

Gamco Investors Trims Stake in Oil-Dri Corp. of America

Gamco Investors (GAMI) has decreased its stake in specialty sorbent products maker Oil-Dri Corp. of America to 530,406 shares. Between June 5 and July 28, Gamco sold 52,900 shares of Oil-Dri at prices ranging from $38.59 to $63.67 per share. Following the sales, Gamco retains a 10.4% interest in Oil-Dri. The stock has seen significant growth this year, surging approximately 90% thus far.

Versatile Applications of Oil-Dri's Specialty Sorbent Products

Oil-Dri's specialty sorbent products serve various markets including pet care, animal health and nutrition, bleaching clay and fluids purification, agricultural ingredients, sports fields, industrial applications, and automotive purposes. Recently, the company announced price increases of 10% to 15% on its industrial and automotive clay absorbents effective from September 1. These adjustments were made in response to the mounting costs of mining, maintenance, and labor.

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