Don’t Give Up on the 60:40 Portfolio Now — It Has Been a Good Insurance Policy in an Unpredictable Stock Market

What the IRS Is Saying — and Not Saying — in Its Recently Announced Effort to Crack Down on High-Earners and Partnerships

The 4% Rule for Retirement Spending Is Now the 4.7% Rule

Bond Investors Are Missing This Silver Lining from Higher Interest Rates

Sell Signs Are Popping Up All Over the Stock Market

How Likely Is a 1987-Style Stock-Market Crash Today? Likelier Than You’d Think.

Airline Stocks: A Bargain Hunting Opportunity

Airline stocks have taken a significant hit, but they present an enticing opportunity for investors. Compared to the S&P 500, airline stocks are currently undervalued, and experts predict that the industry will experience rapid growth in sales and profits by 2025.

The Rise of Shoppers: 3 Retailers to Watch

As the era of "revenge travel" comes to an end, consumers have shifted their focus to purchasing goods. With plentiful job opportunities, strong wage growth, and higher savings, shoppers now have more disposable income. This presents a potential boon for three retailers poised to benefit from increased consumer spending.

Chip Makers: An Updated Analysis

An updated analysis identifies chip makers expected to achieve high-double-digit growth rates. Surprisingly, some of these stocks are currently undervalued. Investors can take advantage of this opportunity by strategically investing in this industry.

Connecting the Dots: An ETF Opportunity

Ozempic, ASML, and India's fintech industry may seem unrelated, but they do share a common thread. One ETF has cleverly positioned itself to take advantage of all three sectors. C WorldWide Thematic Specialist Morten Springborg emphasizes the importance of a long-term approach when it comes to managing money, which has allowed his firm to outperform others in the market.

The Illusion of the 'Halloween Indicator'

Mark Hulbert challenges the reliability of the seasonal market pattern known as the "Halloween Indicator." Statistical data suggests that this pattern holds true only one out of every four years, and unfortunately, this year does not fall within that favorable window.

Steering Clear of the Stock-Market Frenzy

Investment fads can be dangerous for investors. It's important to approach investment decisions with caution and avoid getting caught up in market frenzies that may lead to irrational investment choices.

Retaining a balanced and rational perspective is key to successful investing.

Euronet Worldwide Reports Strong Q3 Performance

Roche Holding Strengthens Immunology Pipeline with Telavant Holdings Acquisition

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