announced today that its profit nearly tripled in the third quarter, driven by strong revenue growth. The e-commerce giant's North America sales increased by an impressive 11%, surpassing expectations. This positive result suggests that consumer spending remains resilient as we head into the holiday season. As a result of this news, Amazon's share price rose by 4.9% to $125.47 in after-hours trading.

In a significant legal victory, medical technology company Masimo emerged triumphant in its battle against Apple. The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled in favor of Masimo, stating that Apple had violated its patent related to blood-oxygen reading technology. Consequently, certain models of Apple Watches will be banned from import, although there is a possibility that this decision may be overturned or appealed. Following this news, shares of Masimo surged by 12% to $90.26 in after-hours trading.

Deckers Outdoor Raises Full-Year Guidance on Strong Sales Performance

Deckers Outdoor, manufacturer of popular brands like Hoka sneakers and Ugg boots, has raised its full-year guidance following an impressive second-quarter sales performance. The company reported a remarkable 25% increase in sales, surpassing analysts' estimates. The continued strong demand for Hoka sneakers and Ugg boots also contributed to an approximately 80% rise in profit per share. Accordingly, Deckers Outdoor's share price climbed by 11% to $536.11 in after-hours trading.

NerdWallet Sees Positive Momentum in Latest Quarter

XP Power Reports Lower Revenue

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