Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan reveals that an increasing number of customers are utilizing the megabank's Erica assistant, benefiting from the accelerated transactions and improved efficiency that artificial intelligence (AI) provides.

During Bank of America's second-quarter earnings call with Wall Street analysts, Moynihan emphasized that the bank has dedicated years to developing Erica, ensuring it avoids the shortcomings often associated with AI. With regulators and experts analyzing the impact of this transformative technology, Moynihan believes it is crucial to construct a well-designed system that complies with regulations and prioritizes customer satisfaction. Erica stands as one such application that meets these requirements.

Over the past eight years, Bank of America has diligently worked on Erica, creating its own natural-language processing capability. This allows Erica to process and respond to customer queries with the desired answers determined by the bank itself. Moynihan emphasized that Erica's algorithm predicts responses using the bank's data while taking into account the customer's specific account information.

One notable advantage of Erica is its ability to avoid the pitfalls associated with AI-generated conversations, such as hallucinations. Moynihan explains that Erica's operations are conducted within a controlled environment, utilizing specific principles to ensure reliability and accuracy.

During the second quarter, Erica had an impressive 165 million customer interactions, accommodating various forms of communication including email, text, and phone call queries. However, all of these interactions were channeled through Erica, providing customers with immediate answers while minimizing the need for additional correspondence. Moynihan expects this functionality to expand further and become even more comprehensive in the future.

Bank of America reported that since its launch in June 2018, Erica has engaged with over 37 million clients through more than 1.5 billion interactions. Furthermore, in 2023 alone, client engagement with Erica has increased by 35% compared to the previous year, surpassing 333 million interactions.

Bank of America's Erica assistant continues to exemplify the transformative potential of AI in the banking sector, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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