US Energy, a multistate distributor based in Wisconsin, has recently secured a long-term agreement with Edgewood Renewables to operate a rail transload facility and refined products bulk plant in northern Las Vegas.

Improved Logistical Capabilities

Situated just two miles away from the Kinder Morgan Calnev pipeline and terminal, this facility will effectively address logistical constraints in the supply chain from Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. With the ability to handle up to 60 cars at a time, the transload facility will not only provide additional storage capacity for refined products but also offer rack access and room for growth to accommodate specialty items like avgas, jet fuel, and gasoline blends.

Embracing Sustainability

Edgewood Renewables is also making significant contributions in the renewable energy sector, as they are currently constructing a renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel production facility in North Las Vegas.

Expanding Terminal Network

On August 1st, US Energy will officially assume exclusive operating rights for the rail and transload assets, along with the bulk plant. This development represents a significant enhancement to their extensive array of over 30 terminals, bolstering their countrywide logistics and marketing footprint.

Diverse Freight Solutions

In addition to refined products, US Energy President Mike Koel explained that the company is actively seeking customers who require rail transportation services for various goods ranging from lumber and steel to dry bulk commodities.

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