San Francisco building inspectors have been denied access to Elon Musk's X headquarters building in order to inspect a massive, makeshift "X" that was installed on the roof last week. The city received a complaint about the structure being installed without a permit.

Photos of the rooftop show that the structure is held in place by sandbags, which could pose a potential hazard in high winds or during an earthquake.

A building inspector attempted to gain entry on Friday but was told by an X representative that the structure is a temporary lighted sign for an event. The inspector tried again on Saturday, but access was denied once more.

The giant "X" was installed by X, formerly known as Twitter, and has already drawn complaints from residents in neighboring buildings. San Francisco officials have deemed the structure illegal and stated that a permit would be required for design and safety reasons. The penalties that X may face remain unclear.

Interestingly, Twitter signed a lease in 2011 that specifically prohibited the installation of rooftop signs.

In response to inquiries about the situation, X provided its typical playful response of an auto-generated poop emoji, stating, "We'll get back to you soon."

Elon Musk himself took to social media to express his frustration with the building's landlord, who repeatedly called the police about their sign modifications. Musk even added a clown emoji to emphasize his point.

Notably, last week, workers attempting to remove the Twitter sign on the side of the building were also stopped by police as they did not have a permit and their crane posed traffic and pedestrian hazards. Despite these clashes with city officials and the disregard for regulations, Musk affirmed on Saturday that X has no intention of relocating to another city, declaring their loyalty to San Francisco.

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