Stockholm, Sweden - Private-equity firm EQT has revealed its latest healthcare growth strategy, which focuses on scaling innovative and rapidly growing healthcare companies. As part of this strategy, EQT has already made its first acquisition.

In today's world, long-term trends such as aging populations, significant unmet medical needs, and rising healthcare costs have created a greater demand for better, more accessible healthcare solutions. At the same time, advancements in technology and data have accelerated healthcare innovation, opening up new investment opportunities.

EQT sees tremendous potential in Europe, where numerous companies require capital, expertise, and global reach to unlock their full growth potential. Through its new strategy, EQT aims to support these companies in building commercial muscle and expanding their global reach. This, in turn, will enable the development of groundbreaking medical research, diagnostics, tools, and treatments to deliver more effective and efficient healthcare.

As part of its growth strategy, EQT has acquired Mabtech from IK Partners. Mabtech is a leading provider of antibody tools and kits used primarily for vaccine research, infectious diseases, and oncology research. EQT plans to support Mabtech as it expands its product portfolio and strengthens its presence, particularly in the United States.

With its innovative approach to healthcare investment and strategic acquisitions, EQT is set to make a significant impact in the industry. This latest move demonstrates its commitment to driving advancements in healthcare for the benefit of society as a whole.

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