Net Profit Expectations

According to a consensus provided by FactSet, Sweden's telecom-equipment maker, Ericsson, is expected to report a net profit of 1.26 billion Swedish kronor ($114.1 million) for the third quarter. This is a significant decrease compared to last year's figure of SEK5.36 billion. It should be noted that the company recently announced a non-cash impairment of SEK32 billion in the third quarter, specifically related to the impairment of goodwill at its Vonage business.

Sales Performance

Ericsson has already confirmed a 5.2% decline in sales for the third quarter. Sales figures have dropped from SEK68.04 billion to SEK64.5 billion compared to the previous year.

Key Points to Monitor


Ericsson's Networks unit experienced a decline in sales during the third quarter, with a decrease from SEK48.1 billion to SEK41.5 billion. This drop can be attributed to a 60% decrease in organic sales in North America, where operators have been reducing their spending and adjusting inventories. However, there was some offset with strong sales in India. In the upcoming report, attention will be focused on the performance of other markets and any comments regarding a potential demand recovery in the U.S. and inventory adjustments.


Regarding margins, Ericsson reported a decrease in its group Ebita margin from 11.3% to 7.3% in the third quarter. Similarly, the Ebita margin for its Networks unit declined from 20.0% to 12.6%. Investors will be closely monitoring any guidance on the fourth-quarter margin.

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Stable Global Market with Regional Variances

Factors Influencing Growth Outlook

revised forecast

It is evident that Ericsson's Ebita margin goals and market projections face challenges from regional market variations and macroeconomic factors. Nonetheless, the company remains focused on addressing these hurdles, poised to adapt and thrive in the evolving telecommunications landscape.

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