Singapore-based videogame publisher and distributor, Grand Centrex (GCL), has recently announced its plans to go public through a $1.2 billion merger with RF Acquisition, a special-purpose acquisition company.

A Dominant Player in East Asia and Southeast Asia

GCL has established itself as a major player in the gaming industry, catering primarily to East Asia and Southeast Asia. With an impressive track record, the company proudly claims to be the exclusive distributor and marketer for half of the best-selling games in the region. Some of their notable titles include The Witcher 3, Sonic series, Hogwarts Legacy, and Cyberpunk 2077.

Expanding Horizon: From Distribution to Publishing

In addition to their successful distribution endeavors, GCL is taking significant strides in developing and publishing their own games. Their latest release, "Atomic Heart," hit the market in February, setting the stage for more exciting projects to come. Over the next year, GCL has plans to publish at least six new titles, fueling anticipation and excitement among gamers.

Shareholders Empowered: A Collaborative Vision

Looking Ahead: Closing in 2024

The agreement is projected to conclude in the second quarter of 2024. As GCL embarks on this transformative journey towards becoming a public company, their ambitious goals are set to make a lasting impact on the gaming landscape.

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