Lifesafe Holdings, a leading fire-safety-technology company, has announced its intention to raise up to £1.33 million ($1.7 million). This funding will be secured through a combination of share placements, subscriptions, and a retail offer. The company aims to utilize these funds to bolster its stock and support its general working capital requirements.

Lifesafe Holdings has recently experienced strong performance and growth, with a positive trajectory that has positioned it for future success. The company anticipates achieving monthly profitability in the fourth quarter of this year, further reinforcing its promising outlook. It also estimates that its revenue for this year will reach £6.5 million.

With confidence in its continued success, Lifesafe Holdings asserts that its recent product launches, solid revenue performance, and optimistic profit forecast position it favorably for sustained growth and profitability in the years ahead.

As part of its fundraising initiative, the company plans to generate approximately £940,000 through the placement of 2.5 million new ordinary shares. This placement will be conducted in two distinct parts and will incorporate a bookbuild program.

Furthermore, Lifesafe Holdings intends to secure an additional £140,000 through another share placement, along with £250,000 through a retail offer.

Lifesafe Holdings is making steady strides forward, demonstrating its commitment to expanding its operations and taking advantage of available opportunities within the fire safety technology sector.

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