The Mega Millions jackpot has reached an astonishing $1.58 billion, marking the largest prize in its 21-year history. Despite months of anticipation, a winning ticket has yet to be claimed.

The drawing for the jackpot will take place on Tuesday night at 11 p.m. Eastern time, with the potential to crown a lucky winner. If won, the lump sum payout would amount to approximately $783.3 million before taxes, according to the Mega Millions lottery.

However, the odds of securing the top prize are truly remarkable. In order to win, players must match all five white balls, ranging from numbers 1 to 70, and then correctly choose the one gold Mega Ball from numbers 1 to 25. These odds stand at a staggering 1 in 302,575,350.

To put this into perspective, the population of the United States is approximately 331.9 million. Drawing a parallel, the chances of getting struck by lightning at least once in a lifetime (over the span of 80 years) are 1 in 15,300, as reported by the National Weather Service.

While the primary focus may be on the record-breaking jackpot, it's worth noting that there is a secondary prize of $1 million for matching all five white balls. However, even these odds are estimated at a formidable 1 in 12,607,306.

As individuals flock to convenience stores and lottery ticket sales locations in anticipation of the drawing this evening, it's important to remember that the Mega Millions website states that no system of randomly generated picks is superior to any other. Players are encouraged to utilize whatever method works best for them, including choosing their own numbers.

Introduced in 2002, Mega Millions first witnessed a $1 billion jackpot in 2018. Since then, there have been four additional jackpots exceeding $1 billion, including the current one.

Earlier this year, a fortunate individual claimed the grand prize of $1.348 billion in January.

Mega Millions tickets are priced at $2 each and can be purchased in 45 states, as well as Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Remember to gamble responsibly and keep your dreams alive!

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