Intel is making moves to re-enter the conversation surrounding artificial-intelligence chips by recruiting OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to their team.

A United Front

During a joint appearance at an Intel event, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and Altman emphasized the necessity for a significant number of chips to fuel AI advancements. Altman hinted at the potential for up to $7 trillion in chip-making investments, highlighting the global scale of this undertaking.

Reassuring Investors

While Intel's Intel Foundry unit reported $291 million in revenue in its latest quarter, it is a far cry from the leading industry competitor, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. But with a reported $15 billion of "lifetime deal value" and landing Microsoft as a key client, Intel aims to instill confidence in their business strategy.

The Data Dilemma

Aside from chips, AI thrives on copious amounts of data. Alphabet's Google recently struck a $60 million content licensing deal with Reddit, showcasing the growing importance of data partnerships in the AI landscape.

Reddit's Role

This deal not only benefits Reddit on its path towards an IPO but also raises questions about the potential influence of AI trained on Reddit's diverse community discussions, including the impactful WallStreetBets community.

In an evolving landscape where technology and data converge, companies are strategically positioning themselves to be at the forefront of AI innovation.

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