Is the Shine Fading on Trump's Golden Legacy?

Donald Trump appears to be on the path to securing the Republican nomination once more. However, the once vibrant world of Trump merchandise seems to have lost some of its sparkle.

The Landscape at CPAC

I find myself at the heart of MAGA culture - the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, D.C. The reigning queen of Trump products, Sany Dash, a spirited Texas entrepreneur, reveals that business is far from its former glory.

"It's not booming, but we're holding up," she admits. Dash confesses that if sales were on par with those from 2018 to 2020, they'd be experiencing a fivefold increase in revenue.

The Dwindling Empire

Dash, the founder of, reminisces about having 22 retail locations across the nation; now, she's reduced to just three.

Still, A Sparkle Remains

Despite the downtrend, she acknowledges that sales have improved compared to last year when business was sluggish. The question then arises: will the abundance of Trump bric-a-brac saturate the market?

How many golden Trump-themed items can consumers possibly absorb - be it playing cards, baseball caps, or gaudy pinkie rings? Even the most ardent MAGA supporters might reach their limit at a certain point.

Standing Strong in Adversity

Ironically, as an immigrant from India with socially liberal views, Dash defies the typical Make America Great Again supporter stereotype. Yet, she proclaims that business is thriving; even during last year's slump, she managed to rake in $2.5 million in merchandise sales.

The MAGA Money Train Keeps Rolling

At Liberty Cigars, a businessman and history buff from Atlanta named John Adams creates cigars that pay homage to various American presidents and historical figures.

Trump Cigars Steal the Show

Adams reveals that his Trump cigars have been flying off the shelves, surpassing sales of his other presidential themed cigars like Madison, Grant, Washington, and Kennedy. Described as starting with an intense spice that gradually mellows with each puff, the Trump cigar can be yours for $14.

A Decade of Success

Adams proudly shares that he established his cigar business a decade ago, with sales consistently increasing by 20% to 25% annually.

The Cost of Seller Presence

Surprisingly, there are few merchandise vendors at the conference. Dash explains that the hefty $15,000 fee for a stall at CPAC deters many competitors.

A Shift in Vendor Participation

Compared to the bustling business seen outside the 2016 Republican convention, this year's event lacks many sellers. However, a dedicated individual decked out in full MAGA attire exemplifies the lucrative potential of this market. Ride the right wave, and watch the money flow in.

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