American Battery Technology, a leading company in the battery recycling industry, announced the operational start-up of its state-of-the-art commercial-scale facility located in the bustling Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center in McCarran, Nevada. This landmark achievement marks the beginning of the implementation of American Battery Technology's groundbreaking lithium-ion battery recycling technologies on an industrial scale.

Revolutionizing Battery Recycling at an Unprecedented Scale

In its commitment to sustainable practices, American Battery Technology has developed an innovative integrated battery recycling system. This cutting-edge system utilizes a strategic de-manufacturing process and targeted chemical extraction train to efficiently recover battery materials with remarkable yields. Not only does this revolutionary approach ensure exceptional resource recovery, but it also boasts low costs and minimal environmental impact.

Capacity and Sustainable Operations

The newly opened facility is equipped with a remarkable capacity, capable of processing over 20,000 metric tons of battery feedstock materials annually when operating at full capacity. In its initial phase, the facility will focus on processing these battery feedstock materials and transform them into valuable recycled products. These recycled products include copper, aluminum, steel, a lithium intermediate, and a black mass intermediate material that will be subsequently sold.

As American Battery Technology takes its place at the forefront of the battery recycling industry, this operational start-up sets the stage for a sustainable future, where recycling lithium-ion batteries becomes a scalable reality. With their commitment to maximizing resource recovery and minimizing environmental impact, American Battery Technology is revolutionizing the way we approach the recycling of battery materials.

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