Infineon Technologies, the German chip maker, is set to release its fiscal first-quarter results on Tuesday. Here are the key details you should know.

Revenue Forecast

  • According to FactSet, Infineon is expected to post revenue of 3.82 billion euros ($4.12 billion) for the three-month period ending in December.
  • This forecast is lower than the revenue of EUR3.95 billion that Infineon reported for the same quarter the previous year.
  • Infineon's core automotive business is projected to contribute EUR2.15 billion in revenue, surpassing the previous year's EUR1.87 billion figure and accounting for the majority of sales.
  • Unlike weaker sales in personal electronics, such as computers and smartphones, demand for chips in cars and electric vehicles has remained strong.
  • Infineon anticipates an overall revenue of approximately EUR3.8 billion for the quarter.

Earnings Forecast

  • Net profit is expected to decrease from EUR728 million to EUR549 million, as predicted by FactSet.
  • Infineon's segment result, an important profitability metric, is likely to decline from EUR1.11 billion to EUR826 million.

What to Watch

  • Infineon's stock price is currently trading within a range of EUR33.00 and EUR36.00, similar to its level from a year ago.


  • Infineon will provide revenue and segment result margin guidance for its fiscal second quarter.
  • Investors will be interested in commentary regarding industry trends, specifically the demand for chips used in automotive and personal electronics.
  • The company will also review or adjust its fiscal 2024 guidance, which is a significant concern for investors considering the less favorable signals from other semiconductor companies.
  • Analysts at J.P. Morgan suggest that fiscal 2024 guidance will likely be slightly revised downward.
  • UBS's Francois-Xavier Bouvignies shares a similar view.

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